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We offer a full security life-cycle solution for the real-time SCADA and control environments. The company is a trusted supplier to over 350 industrial enterprises in power generation, utilities, energy, transportation, chemicals and process manufacturing industries. These customers represent more than 4,000 global system installations.


RTAP has a stellar track record in addressing power industry challenges. For example, it has enabled increased flexibility and responsiveness in over 30 generating units and 14,500 MW of thermal power generation in the UK. RTAP allows these generation plants to perform in a fully deregulated UK marketplace by providing a supervisory platform with powerful integration features, flexibility and scalability to extend the life cycle of existing legacy control systems while increasing the responsiveness of the facility itself.

RTAP is also used in other power industry applications such as transmission and distribution network management and in providing training and simulation for 17 nuclear power stations in Europe.

Oil & Gas

RTAP manages pipelines for the largest gas producers in Russia and the largest pipeline operation in North America. For one customer, RTAP is responsible for monitoring the transportation of 1.9 million barrels of refined oil products through over 9,700 miles of pipeline. In addition, RTAP provides real-time automation and optimization of production facilities in some of the harshest onshore and offshore environments in the world.


RTAP is deployed in a broad range of transportation applications. It currently manages millions of passengers everyday who use subway stations in France, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore and Chile, to name a few. It is used to manage and control railway and automobile traffic across various European countries, as well as cities in North America.

Finally, it provides transportation facilities management at major European airports, monitoring everything from airplanes fueling and moving walkways to HVAC systems and security cameras. RTAP also makes certain that airports can handle high volumes of passengers associated with frequent plane arrivals and departures.


RTAP is at the heart of several water distribution and purification networks, providing drinking water to millions of customers from California to Europe. In the city of London an RTAP-based system is one of the largest water SCADA systems in the world and controls water services to over 6 million customers. In Spain RTAP is used for environmental monitoring and supply management of water distribution systems.


Automation needs for chemical companies are unique and can be as diverse as applying real-time optimization to a chemical batch process on a production line. As chemical manufacturers continue to embrace technology to lower their cost structure and improve efficiency, it is important to understand how to effectively manage this increasingly complex environment while at the same time maintaining the highest levels of availability and scalability. Chemical companies are facing increased scrutiny from government agencies such as the US Department of Homeland Security to ensure that their mission critical assets have been identified and a plan to secure these assets has been created. By leveraging our 18 years of real-time process control and SCADA industry experience, Industrial Defender has designed a mission critical RTAP solution for the real-time process control and SCADA environment.


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